As a person who loves a good double entendre, I was delighted to learn that there was a ‘Phil’ behind Philosophy Fitness. Ortwein is the owner and operator of an ever-expanding fitness studio on St. Clair West.  Philosophy first opened their doors in 2016 and quickly filled the void for neighbourhood fitness enthusiasts looking for bespoke fitness classes that trained the body and fostered a real sense of community.

Phil lives and breathes his fitness brand; he is a caring individual focused on the well-being of his clients at the studio. This is carried through to the design and offering of his fitness classes He draws on over 16 years of experience in an ever-evolving field.

The fitness studio has grown organically over the last 3.5 years starting with  the over 2,500 sq. ft. gym; as it evolved, it grew by  12,000 sq. ft. with the addition of a dedicated Boxing and Kickboxing studio and Thrive Kids, a kids-only fitness program, for clients ages 4 – 14 . To his credit, Phil has been able to identify and define what clients are looking for and fill that need.

We all know the weight that Google Reviews carry for any level of business. As a real testament to Phil’s clever programming and commitment to his clients,  there are over three dozen posts that attest to the superior workouts taught by highly qualified instructors, in an inclusive environment. Members also love the variety of classes from TRX-HIT, boxing, Crossfit and more recently, the Yoga and Barre classes for those seeking to stretch and stay limber.  There is something there for everyone and every fitness level. Space was vacant for many years, and Phil dialed in to the potential for this neighbourhood and its residents.

As a not-so-fit and not-very-coordinated fitness enthusiast, I am usually the gal doing the moves backwards and upside down.  At Philosophy, that’s okay! Instructors are there to guide me through and ensure that I reap the highest reward from my workouts.

Philosophy Fitness has become an important community fixture and one of the reasons why St. Clair West is one of the most livable neighbourhoods in Toronto.