Pricing a home for sale in today’s market can seem really, really tricky. There’s so much discussion about real estate pricing strategies right now, and it seems like there’s no one right way to do it. Price a property too high and it lingers on the market, price it too low and you can leave money on the table.


That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced Realtor.

Someone who understands your neighborhood real estate data and cuts through the noise.

The pricing strategy is the key essential element when listing your home for sale. If you’re still inclined to price your home above market value, the following outcomes will tell you how you’re doing in the first week.

No inquiries and no showings? The house is priced too high. Or if buyers inquire and circle about, but do not cross the threshold of actually coming to see your property, the price is still too high. It’s so important to attract as many buyers as possible in the first week and even multiple offers are happening right now in certain neighborhoods. The market always speaks.


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