Something magical happens when people gather for Good. Recently, I hosted Sunday Brunch for friends and asked that each guest bring items to contribute to Gift Boxes for the Shoe Box Project. What followed after the gourmet waffles and mimosas were served was a coordinated grand gesture of women assembling gift boxes, filling each with ‘little luxuries’ to be gifted to women facing untold hardship and living in a shelter. Love and good vibes flowed freely throughout the room as each guest organized their gift box and thoughtfully crafted an encouraging note to the anonymous recipient of their gift.  

The Shoe Box Project charity in particular struck a chord with me. There is a certain dignity to be able to put on a little mascara, nail polish and use good skin care. These rather simple rituals of self-care, bring dignity and a small sense of normalcy in their otherwise uncertain world. These small gifts, along with chocolate, a journal and pair of gloves and a thoughtful note show these women that they are not invisible. Through this gesture, we remind these women they are a part of a tribe and warrior women.

There are many, many charities to support, find one that is hands-on and sparks joy within you, and better yet bring a friend, or 20.